Los Fresnos, Texas

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Just 20 miles from South Padre Island and 12 miles north of Mexico, outside of Los Fresnos, Texas, is one of the best kept secret travel destinations in the state.  The Inn at Chachalaca Bend presents 40 acres of unspoiled country paradise with beautiful wildlife, natural lake frontage and luxury accommodations that are popular with year round birdwatchers, fishermen or those who seek only to pamper themselves with the ultimate escape and relaxation.  Close to the finest beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, yet far from the crowds.


Within a few minutes of the property, numerous golf courses await the avid golfer, and the climate allows for virtually year round play on courses that remain forever green.  The Rio Grande Valley is one of the most fabulous fishing destinations in the country.  Offshore fishing is available, mainly in the summer and fall, but the sheltered inland water of the Laguna Madre Bay system offer year round fishing for salt water trout, snook, red fish, tarpon and many other game fish.

The Inn at Chachalaca Bend

A Luxury Inn

36298 Chachalaca Bend Drive
Los Fresnos, Texas (TX) 78566
Tel: (956) 233-1180
Fax: (956) 233-1932